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Psychedelic Speaker

As people begin to access these powerful medicines there are a lot of important things to discuss. If you are hoping to hire a dynamic, experienced speaker focused on sharing valuable information on psychedelics, please feel encouraged to connect with me.

Inform, Inspire & Heal

Personal Experience

Tyler will share his own and other’s personal experiences with psychedelics in a compelling way that illustrates why a plant medicine renaissance has begun. 

Current Research

Always researching and connecting with important organizations in the space, Tyler can share the most recent groundbreaking research driving psychedelic adoption. 

The Future of Psychedelics

By combining personal experiences, current researches, and analysis of the growing business of psychedelics Tyler can share what the future may hold. 

A Passionate Psychonaut With The Ability To Mobilize Knowledge

Trying to build to a happier and healthier world

I have a lot of respect for psychedelics. I’ve used them in my own life to heal. I have seen the light and dark sides of these medicines. I believe it is important to tell the story of psychedelics in an engaging and safe way so that stakeholders can continue succeeding on their mission to change public sentiment and policy.

Google Partner

Corporate Trainer

Analytics Specialist

Let’s Change The World Together.